Parklands Terrace

Start with ~100% tree canopy

4 parcels combine to make this location that is in the environmentally sensitive area of the Floyds Fork DRO.

Propose 160 Apartments

The proposal is to use the existing historical home as a club house and surround it with asphalt and concrete.  The back half of the property is on steep slopes.  Notice the lack of water detention!

Wonder why Louisville is considered a island

Our city is spending millions of dollars to reforest areas while developers continue to pursue these egregious developmental ideas. 

Neigh Mtg Notice_15903 Shelbyville Rd_08.03.22.pdf

Case Manager: Dante St. Germain

Representative: Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP

Developer: Vantage Point LLC

Design Engineer: Land Design & Development, Inc

Owner: Vantage Point LLC

Vantage Point, LLC

This is the initial neighborhood meeting invitation.

Location: Lake Forest Lodge, 511 Woodlake Drive, Louisville, KY 40245 

Date: Tuesday, 8/16/22

Time: 6:30 PM

Case Number: 22-ZONEPA-0109

FF DRO: 100%

Proposal: Build 160 apartments in the Floyds Fork DRO and  wipe out several acres of trees canopy all while adding nearly 1,000 daily car trips (according to ITE) along an extremely dangerous section of Shelbyville Rd.