Louisville Metro Regulations

The Planning Commission and The Land Development Code

The Land Development Code has 11 chapters and is 813 pages long. Chapter 3 discusses the Floyds Fork Development Review Overlay District. It is not the 11th chapter, it isn't an appendix or an addendum, it's Chapter 3! It is also specific to Floyds Fork. When Louisville Planning was confronted with this fact we were simply told that "Chapter 3 was more like a first pass and that we use Chapter 4 since it covers water, wetlands, steep slopes and environmentally sensitive areas".

Interestingly, Chapter 4 is titled "General Compatibility Standards" and covers Lighting, Adult Entertainment, Cell Tower Antenna, Garage Sales, Cemeteries and many other "General" things in addition to water and wetlands. What Chapter 3 doesn't mention is Floyds Fork! Planners use a section of land code regarding "General Compatibility Standards" when dealing with Floyds Fork when an entire section of code is specifically designed for Floyds Fork.

Floyds Fork doesn't have a Champion (No Committee and no Director)

Within Metro Louisville there are 10 special districts. Floyds Fork was the first special district created. Newer special districts have Committees and Directors. Floyds Fork does not have one. When the Louisville Planners were confronted on this, they simply said that the Planning Commission was that Committee.

The Planning Commission has the final approval on every single development within Louisville Metro, they are responsible for all 813 pages of code. With only 4 hours of annual training required, it is clear Floyds Fork does not have a voice like other special districts. There is no one that speaks up for the form, function, and character of this beautiful place. The Floyds Fork Development Review Overlay District should have its own Committee and Director. Someone that knows the area, knows the function, and is keeping the 31 miles of river in focus with each development. What is built upstream effects everyone downstream.

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