Oakland Hills



Case Manager: Joel Dock

Representative: Clifford Ashburner - Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP

Developer: 21 Century Parks Endowment

Design Engineer: Mindel Scott

Owner: 21 Century Parks Endowment

Oakland Hills 

Case Number: 17-ZONE-1081

Location: Oakland Hills, off Bardstown Rd

FF DRO: Partial

Proposal: Build ~700 houses and 350 apartments on extreme elevations with minimal water retention, most areas have zero. Storm water is planned to flow into the perennial blue line stream Old Mans Run. The proposal notes indicate the development will use this perennial blue line stream (a tributary of Floyds Fork) for storm water detention. This, according to the Land Development Code is highly regulated and prohibited. 

Primary Concerns

Steep slopes 

Elevation map from LOJIC; slopes like these lead to increased environmental sensitivity

Sanitary Sewers to connect to Cedar Creek

Does MSD have the authorization or capacity to make unlimited connections to Cedar Creek? 

Tree Canopy

Notice the tree canopy of this one section.  91% (69 acres) is currently covered by a tree canopy. This proposal eliminates 55% of the canopy in this one section leaving 31 acres of tree canopy!  Across the entire development, they will be cutting down 185 acres of trees!

Meanwhile, Metro Louisville states: 

An urban heat island is a metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas, due to human activities such as an abundance of asphalt, which absorbs heat, and a reduced number of trees. It is common in cities across the nation, but is advancing in Louisville at one of the fastest rates in the country...

Why does Louisville consistently allow irresponsible development -- cut down 185 acres of trees and then complain about "Urban Heat Problems in Louisville"?