Ordinances and Resolutions

Metro Council_FF_Ordinance.pdf

Floyds Fork 6-month Moratorium 

Metro Council Planning and Zoning will be voting on a 6-month moratorium for the Floyds Fork DRO. This moratorium is not permanent but rather only while PDS completes the DRO review. 

Metro Council unanimously passed an ordinance to review the FF DRO. Mayor Greenburg has told PDS to complete the review. Neighbors and community members have asked them to complete the review. It has been 11 months and they just now distributed a survey for residents to fill out. 

There have already been developmental mistakes along the waterway. The moratorium is designed to ensure we don't make more mistakes while the review is being completed. 

The moratorium is NOT designed to halt all development forever. It is to pause it while the review is being completed. Anyone who is interested in protecting the Parklands, the green spaces along this waterway, and our premier wildlife corridor should be supportive of this pause. 

Please contact the MC Planning and Zoning Committee expressing your opinion regarding this matter. 

ORD 114 2022 - FF Compensation 1.5.pdf

Metro Council Ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 157 related to Floodplain regulations

Even though Floyds Fork is the largest waterway in all of Jefferson County, it was the only waterway that did not have a 1.5 compensation ratio. This amendment brings Floyds Fork compensation to be equal with the rest of the Metro Louisville. In reality, the largest watershed should have a larger compensation than other waterways, but this amendment is at least directionally correct.


RES 071 2022 - DRO Review.pdf

Metro Council Resolution requesting the Planning Commission review the Floyds Fork DRO.

Planning Commission and its staff shall undertake a review of the Floyds Fork Special District in Chapter 3, Part 1 of the LDC, with such review to include a review of the recommendations contained in the Vision Plan as well as to consider whether a development review overlay committee, consisting of environmental experts and community members, should be established to work in concert with the Planning Commission and Staff in order to better review environmental issues relating to development within the Floyds Fork DRO, and develop recommendations thereto to the Council.


ORD 084 2020 - SFFAS.pdf

Metro Council Ordinance approving the South Floyds Fork Vision plan and approving its executive summary, amending it to the Plan 2040