Actual Green Spaces

The Floyds Fork Development Review Overlay (DRO) covers approximately 15,000 acres with beautiful lush recreational land available to everyone. It can be used for sports of all kinds, for running, for hiking, for picnics, for play, or for just taking in the views. There is no where else like this. 

Have you ever seen the effect of a continual stream in a desert environment? It is lush where everything else is barren. The Floyds Fork watershed has the same effect for Metro Louisville. It provides life to animals, people, and vegetation. Its beauty is indescribable.

Open Spaces

Flying Bridge at Beckley

The Louisville Loop

Pollinator Spaces

Floodplain being used as a pollinator space

Open Spaces

Agricultural and recreational floodplain usage as planned in LDC

Beauty and Function

Floyds Fork provides rich life

View from The Parklands' Seatonville Silo

The Egglawn along Floyds Fork

Photo by Bernie Fussenegger (Louisville Photographic Society)

Photo by Bernie Fussenegger (Louisville Photographic Society)