Immediate Action


1. Contact Brian Davis of PDS regarding the Floyds Fork DRO revisions

The review process by PDS incorporates a public process, of which you get to be a part. You may submit recommendations in writing for changes & speak publicly at these meetings. 

Please contact Brian Davis expressing your opinion regarding this matter. 

2. Email Planning and Design case managers about active proposals

Planned to be heard at 12/21/23 Planning Commission

Case Number: 22-MSUB-0004; Location: 1614 Johnson Rd

Case Manager: Dante St. Germain  

A major subdivision with 87 houses and 85 apartments in the DRO with over 27 houses requiring the floodplain to be filled; This development will require a sewage pump to be built up out of the current flood plain. It will also require flood storage AND flood retention basins. Proposal plans to combine flood detention, retention, and water quality basins.

Planned Planning Commission hearing date unknown

Case Number: 23-FFO-0003; Location: 14700 Taylorsville Rd

Case Manager: Ethan Lett  

Proposal: Convert Tract 1 (2.44 acres) that is currently 1% impervious to 53% impervious with the plans of adding more impervious surfaces to the 2nd tract at a later date. The developer wants to add a 28,000 sq ft warehouse and retail facility as well as 28,278 sq ft of parking and truck loading docks. 

Metro Council_FF_Ordinance.pdf

3. Contact the Metro Council regarding the 6-month moratorium

Floyds Fork 6-month Moratorium 

Metro Council Planning and Zoning voted unanimously in favor of a 6-month moratorium for the Floyds Fork DRO passing it out of the Committee. This moratorium is not permanent but rather only while PDS completes the DRO review. It is now before the Metro Council.

Metro Council unanimously passed an ordinance to review the FF DRO. Mayor Greenburg has told PDS to complete the review. Neighbors and community members have asked them to complete the review. It has been 11 months and they just now distributed a survey for residents to fill out. 

There have already been developmental mistakes along the waterway. The moratorium is designed to ensure we don't make more mistakes while the review is being completed. 

The moratorium is NOT designed to halt all development forever. It is to pause it while the review is being completed. Anyone who is interested in protecting the Parklands, the green spaces along this waterway, and our premier wildlife corridor should be supportive of this pause. 

Please contact Metro Council expressing your opinion regarding this matter. 

4. Email Mayor Greenberg

Remind Mayor Greenberg of his campaign commitment to protect Floyds Fork. Urge him to direct his Planning and Design Services staff to strengthen the Floyds Fork DRO language in our Land Development Code, to create better and larger buffers for Floyds Fork (Jefferson County's premier wildlife corridor), and to eliminate changing elevation and adding sewage pump stations to the floodplain. Click here to send an email.

This petition is for everyone to sign and share.  Floyds Fork is 31 miles in Jefferson County and well over 50,000 acres of watershed. It affects everyone.  

Sign the petition to let our leadership know we want to protect Floyds Fork. Share it with everyone on your family, in your network.  This is not a political movement, it's not an anti-development movement, it's a commonsense approach to protecting beauty, wildlife, and recreational areas today and for future generations. The Vision Plan 2040 for Louisville is wonderful, beautiful, and worth pursuing. The problem is that it has no teeth. The Land Development Code (LDC) works against the Vision Plan; the LDC is the law.  The Vision Plan is theory; the LDC is reality. This petition is to help the Vision Plan become reality. Please join by signing the petition today.

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