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Our organization is small and mobile. We spend a lot of time researching plans, codes, and regulations, verifying development plans, and talking with stakeholders being impacted. We are strong believers in getting out into the field. This all takes time and effort and this huge spike in Floyds Fork developmental pressure has increased the workload. Please contact us if you would like to help us engage our community to preserve this beautiful land.

Additional ways to engage:

Steps you can take to get involved:

  • VOTE

  • Send Emails

  • Join a Metro Louisville Board

  • Join Social Media

  • Support Louisville Keep Your Fork

  • Visit Floyd's Fork

  • Share your experiences through word and pictures

  • Reach out to other organizations working to protect Floyds Fork


  • Vote for a mayor who protects the environment (The Mayor appoints Planning Commissioners).

  • Email (and Call) your Council Member to let them know:

      • Don't email alone: get 3-4 others to join you and everyone email about the same topic the same day (ideally, within a few hours of each other)

      • Topics you could discuss:

        • Regarding a specific development

        • How you care about Floyds Fork

        • How you want stronger protections in the Land Development Code

        • How you want Floyds Fork District to have its own Committee and Director

  • Email and Call your State Reps

  • Contact MSD (contact us for specific needs/contact info)

Speak at Meetings

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