Stream Time vs Screen Time

What will this child learn sitting by the Fork? What will he see? What will he hear? What will he think about? What impact will this place have on his developing mind?
Screens tell people what to see, what to hear, and what to think. 
Floyds Fork provides unlimited opportunities to shape hearts and minds. This is where dreams are formed and where memories are made. Don't let others rob this place from our youth.

This stream is alive

I looked at my screen and stared at a streamI thought such a bore, but wondered might there be more?I ventured to care, leaving behind my chairI walked out the door deciding to exploreI left behind my screen and felt I was in a dreamArriving at the water’s edge I now stood upon a ledgeAnd right before my very eyes, none could doubt my surpriseThis stream is alive! Watching beaver and mink, so much life I didn’t want to blinkSeeing the clams and watching the trout, so much life around I had to shoutBeing in awe of the eagles and heron, so much life abounded I must be sharingLearning the value of keeping water clean, so much more important than my screenWatching love rush into my soul, who knew this was my goal?Seeing kindness flow beyond myself, a lesson I needed and not from a shelfBeing overwhelmed with creation’s beauty, I see my screen is not true realityThis stream is alive! I looked at my stream and thought of my screenNow I realize that it is my screen that is such a bore,for I know that out here it is so much more!

Floyds Fork is the greatest place for every kid to visit...often!!!

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