Echo Trail Residential


Case Manager: Jay Luckett

Representative: Bardenwarper, Talbott and Roberts, PLLC

Developer: Long Run Creek Properties, LLC

Design Engineer: Mindel Scott

Owner: Long Run Creek Properties, LLC

Echo Trail Residential

Case Number: 22-ZONE-0110

Location: English Station and Echo Trail


Proposal: Add 103 houses completely in the DRO. Water detention to be provided on adjacent site. Proposal is to remove 633,000 square feet of mature existing tree canopy within the DRO. 

Land Development Code - Chapter 3.1.B.2.a Regulated Activities: Activities that may be detrimental to the natural, scenic and environmental characteristics as described herein are regulated by the provisions of this ordinance... Such activities include: a. Clearing of forested area greater than 5,000 square feet for development purposes.

 That is quite a bit more than 5,000 square feet being removed!