Tree Canopy

TCCA - Tree Canopy Conservation Area

Chapter 10 Part 1 of the Land Development Code (LDC): Tree Canopy

Every development that has a "Tree Preservation Preservation/Protection Area" (a.k.a. TCPA - TREE CANOPY PROTECTION AREA) is supposed to have an 8X10 weatherproof version of this sign every 50 feet creating a "Tree Preservation Protection" Fence. 


10D-1, Page 780 of the LDC states: "Prior to any site disturbance permit being issued and Prior to any clearing, grading or the issuance of a site disturbance permit, a site inspection shall be conducted by PDS staff to ensure proper placement of required tree protection fencing in accordance with the approved Tree Preservation Plan."

10D-2, Page 781 of the LDC states: "Tree protection fencing shall be erected adjacent to all TCPAs prior to Site Disturbance Approval to protect the existing tree stands and their root systems. The fencing shall be located at least three (3) feet from the outside edge of the tree canopy and shall remain in place until all construction is completed. 4. No parking, material storage or construction activities are permitted within the TCPAs."

"During all construction activity (includes clearing, grading, building construction and VUA construction) a copy of the approved tree preservation plan shall be on site. "

Chapter 4 Part 6 of the LDC: Development On Sites with Environmental Constraints

4.6.4.B Compliance with Applicable Regulations - Standards for Protection During Construction 

Site disturbance limits shall be designated in the field prior to commencement of excavation, grading, or construction with construction barrier fencing or other methods approved by DPDS. For trees and clumps of trees to be preserved within the site disturbance limit, tree protection specifications as required in Chapter 10 Part 1, “Tree Canopy,” shall be followed. 

Every landscaping plan includes the LDC language and an example of the weather proof signage. 

Lost Canopy

Everywhere that is circled in red was tree canopy that was supposed to be preserved. There was no "Fencing" to protect the trees making it impossible for the subcontractors hired to clear the land to know which trees to preserve. Imagine how the conversation goes: "Clear from here to there", "Clear all these trees until about there." The "fencing" was supposed to be put in place PRIOR to any clearing. It protects the trees AND helps to inform the workers. It's a win for everyone...but it is never done.

Lost Canopy

A resident came home to find all the trees in a local development being removed with no protections in place; no silt fencing and no tree preservation fencing. This is a fence that is supposed to be 3' away from the canopy being protected. 

What can you do about it?

If you see site disturbance or ANY construction activity prior to the Tree Preservation Protection Fence being put into place, take pictures and send them to your councilmember explaining the violation. You should also call PDS at 574-6230 to inform them. 

Email them everyday there is site disturbance and the fencing is not put into place. 

Additionally, the landscaping plan (tree preservation plan) is supposed to be onsite at all times. You are allowed to ask for it.