Lucas Frazier

Lucas has lived in Louisville, KY since 1988. A graduate of the University of Louisville, he is an avid runner, hiker, and loves camping in the back country whenever possible. Before starting Louisville Keep Your Fork, Lucas was employed as an industrial engineer and worked in Data Analytics.

For 10 years Lucas lived near Beargrass Creek and saw the concreting of a once vibrant water source. He moved to Floyds Fork to enjoy the beauty, wildlife, and recreation afforded by Floyds Fork but became concerned for its sustainability as multiple extremely large and dense developments began to threaten the river.

"Everyone who comes here says they can't believe they are still in Jefferson County. It's that special, and we are just giving it away like a bowl of soup. It's heartbreaking."

Kacey Frazier

Kacey grew up on 2 acres next to a dairy farm in Pleasureville, KY, but was much more comfortable in a dance studio than the outdoors. Her husband, Lucas, introduced her to the wilderness and camping; she has since discovered that her particular love of nature includes mountains and bodies of water... which is why a favorite back country trip of hers was through Gunsight Pass in Glacier National Park.

A dance instructor by trade, Kacey has taught in East Africa, Colorado, & all over the state of Kentucky; she has been a consultant/teacher for The Kentucky Center, KET, KDE, and JCPS, among others .

Since moving to Floyds Fork, while homeschooling 3 of their 4 children, she has become a bit of a birder--personally identifying over 60 birds along the Fork. She sincerely believes in the importance of being outside and off screens.


Louisville Keep Your Fork seeks to

  • Preserve & Protect



Recreation of Floyds Fork

  • Influence, Inspire, & Inform

Civic leaders

Business owners

Environmental advocates

Residents of Louisville

Louisville Keep Your Fork was started in 2022 in response to the drastic acceleration in erosion and sharp increase in irresponsible developments being proposed within the Floyds Fork DRO (Development Review Overlay). We moved to Floyds Fork in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the river's beauty, wildlife, and recreation. However, living on the Fork has given us a front-row seat to the damage being done. We watch each storm have a dramatic effect upon the banks--eroding whole islands, destroying vegetation, and moving huge quantities of topsoil down the river. (Our neighbor has lost an astounding 10' of bank just over several years and another lost 12' in ONE storm!)

The Way Forward

Louisville Keep Your Fork is for clean water, for natural wildlife habitats, and for maintaining the form, function, and character of the Floyds Fork watershed. While we are pro development, we are adamantly opposed to irresponsible development. We do not want to be the generation that kills the life within Floyds Fork.

Our goal is to inform the public and decision makers as to what is happening along the Fork. Some want to believe this is a NIMBY argument ("Not in my back yard"), but that is patently absurd as Floyds Fork is 62 miles long with 31 miles flowing through Metro Louisville. Floyds Fork is a natural treasure that is available to everyone in the city and beyond. People travel from all over the region to come and visit this beautiful place. Floyds Fork isn't in just one neighborhood or backyard. We are trying to protect Floyds Fork like other concerned citizens in the past fought for Yosemite, Yellowstone, and even Daniel Boone National Forest. Floyds Fork is worth protecting from people who do not value it.

Our city needs developers. They provide amazing opportunities for so many people. They create jobs for people of all different trades. They create communities, they create opportunities for countless people and they do it all while taking on a lot of risk. They are not bad people. We want them to build. We need them to build, just not in environmentally sensitive areas! We want our city and developers to protect the Floyds Fork watershed. We don't want them to alter, fill, or build in the floodplain. We want them to respect, honor and even strengthen the Floyds Fork Development Review Overlay (DRO) through stronger language and creating a DRO Committee and Director.

Louisville Keep Your Fork was created to inform and engage people and decision makers. We believe that Louisville has a natural treasure that must be protected and if we don't become serious immediately, the life within this river will die.

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

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