Johnson Rd


Blossom_Rock_Dev Plan.pdf

Case Manager: Dante St. Germain

Representative: Bardenwerper, Talbott, & Roberts, PLLC

Developer: Highgates Development

Design Engineer: Mindel Scott

Owner: Jean Rueff

Johnson Rd Residential

Case Number: 22-MSUB-0004

Location: Development is 0.6 miles South of Aiken Rd (site of another development just approved)


Proposal: A major subdivision with 98 houses and 97 apartments in the DRO with over 36 houses requiring the floodplain to be filled; Average lot size: 0.2 acres; requires a sewage pump in the flood plain and flood storage AND flood retention basins. Proposal plans to combine flood detention, retention, and water quality basins.

This is the proposed plan. The dark blue is Floyds Fork. The light blue is the current flood plain and flood way.  To the south of this property on the other side of Floyds Fork is a 45' cliff! 

Since the Floyds Fork Special District was set aside to remain agricultural and recreational, the average lot size per residence is currently 9.4 acres! Additionally, since these houses would be below the street level, a sewage pump would be required. The developer has proposed to put the pump in what is currently the edge of the flood way! 

To build within this flood plain, the developer would be required to raise each house and street to 2' above the 100-year flood plain. Additionally, the developer would have to put in flood retention and flood storage basins. While these basins are designed to protect the houses being built from the 100-year flood, they do NOT protect from the 200-, 300-, or 500-year floods. They also maker smaller flood events much worse for everyone downstream! 

The Land Development Code states that the developer is not to alter this blueline stream and yet the burming of the river does exactly that! The increased erosion is evident along the banks and is due to the impact of smaller flood events being channeled and no longer going into previous flood plain (storage) areas. See the blue shaded area in the picture above.  This blue area is currently all flood plain. The land is currently a flood storage area which is utilized with any 2+" rain event. 

Please email Ms. St. Germain 

Please email your Council Member to let them know that Floyds Fork must be protected