Aiken Rd:

Twin Lakes



Case Manager: Joel Dock

Representative: Bardenwerper, Talbott & Roberts, PLLC

Developer: Elite Built Homes, LLC

Design Engineer: Mindel Scott

Owner: Estates of Floyds Fork Creek, Inc

Twin Lakes

Case Number: 17SUBDIV1013

Location: Aiken Rd


Proposal: Build 137 house primarily in the current floodplain. Alter floodplain with storm water retention basins. (Blue in picture to left is all previous floodplain.)

Primary Concerns

  1. Retention basins will fill up with storm water and there will be no flood storage availability.

  2. There are no flood storage basins.

  3. Houses have been raised 1' above the base flood elevation meaning land that was once floodplain is no longer available for flood storage.

  4. Homeowners located in previous floodplain will not have flood insurance and will be flooded with any 125 year or higher flooding event.

  5. Floyds Fork, along with homeowners and businesses downstream will be negatively impacted with <100 year flooding events by the new altered flood plain.

  6. Putting in a mechanical sewage pump along the river is cause for great concerns as mechanical failures are guaranteed and sewage will go into the river.

Twin Lakes development on Aiken Rd (Approved Development)