DRO Activity

See below for the breakdown of each development.

Approved: 237 houses in the FF DRO; many units drain directly to Floyds Fork

Approved: 866+ houses; 500+ in the DRO

Approved: Add 500+ houses in the FF DRO

Proposed: 242 houses and apartments; all in the DRO; ~80 in the current floodplain

Proposed: 160 apartments in the FF DRO, wiping out several acres of tree canopy

Approved: 323 houses with five water detention basins; development did back out of the DRO! Heavily impacting the FF Watershed with considerable damage already to Brush Run Creek

Proposed: 735 storage units in the FF DRO

Approved: 29 houses in the watershed with 2 in the DRO

Proposed: 104 houses entirely in the DRO

Approved: 600 houses in the FF watershed; originally backed out of the DRO but new proposal on 8/8 has 104 additional houses in the DRO

Proposed: 432 dwelling units in the Floyds Fork watershed. 67 units in the DRO, in floodplains and wetlands 

Approved: JCPS Middle School entirely in DRO

Proposed: Indoor and outdoor Athletic Facility in the DRO. Designer has engineered helpful and creative solutions to protect the Floyds Fork corridor

Approved: 243 houses; 190 apartments in the FF Watershed; development backed out of the DRO! Endangering Big Run Creek

Approved: 624 lots in the FF Watershed

Approved: 135 units to the DRO; Filling in the floodplain, trenching the floodway

Approved: ~700 houses and 350 apartments in the FF Watershed; backed out of the FF DRO; endagering Old Mans Run

Floyds Fork: enters northeast Metro Louisville and exits into Bullitt County 31 miles downstream

The FF watershed is the largest in Metro Louisville

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