English Station



Case Manager: Joel Dock

Representative: Bardenwerper, Talbott, & Roberts, PLLC

Design Engineer: Sabak, Wilson & Lingo

Developer: 2nds in Building Materials

Owner: 2nds in Building Materials

2nds in Building Materials

Case Number: 21-ZONE-0095

Location: Enghlish Station and Echo Trail


Proposal: Retail and storage for salvaged building materials and calls for the reuse of structures associated with the past agricultural land use of the property, 25,000 sq. ft. building addition, garden center, outdoor storage, and associated parking.

21-ZONE-0095_LDT Staff Report 060922.pdf

Staff Report

Primary Concerns

  1. Read below (or attached) for 4 out of 5 unaddressed concerns brought up by The Parklands of Floyds Fork:

    1. Proposed changes and development plan do not keep with the rural nature of the surrounding area

    2. More than doubling the existing impervious area (25,000 sq.ft building & 95,720 sq ft of concrete and asphalt)

      1. This additional impervious area pose a concern for Floyds Fork; flooding from run off and water pooling

      2. This impervious surface will impact the volume and nature of traffic the retail business is expected to bring (currently there is minimal semi-truck traffic on this section of road)

    3. Plan indicates 100 parking spaces which is more than 200% increase in parking on the site

    4. A second entrance was proposed, causing traffic congestion and potential accidents

    5. Proposed development will impact easement rights through potential damage and/or increase wear and tear on the trail corridor and pedestrian/bike trail constructed within the easement

Interested Party Comments

21-ZONE-0095_Interested Party Comments.pdf

Additional Comments

21-ZONE-0095_Interested Party Communications_Last Updated 060322.pdf

On 9/23/21 The Parklands of Floyds Fork intended to "vehemently oppose the proposed rezoning and development plans" due to the five reasons listed above.

However, on 3/17/22 The Parklands of Floyds Fork indicated that they would no longer oppose this use of the property as submitted, but they would also not support it. There were FIVE very important concerns causing them to say they would vehemently oppose this development. You may wonder, how was this developer able to satisfy them.

You may read for yourself, the developer only addressed one of the concerns: the entrance.

Nothing else changed. They are still adding 3.25 acres of impervious surfaces (according to the proposal, which is 20,000 sq ft more than what The Parklands even thought). There will still be semi-trailers in a rural area, congestion, and water run off issues.

These issues raised by The Parklands are not minor concerns.

For additional information, read the letters written by:

  • Teena Halbig of the Floyds Fork Environmental Association,

  • Randy Strobo of Strobo Barkley,

  • Harrell Hurst Fisherville Area Neighborhood Association, and

  • Stephen T. Porter Attorney at Law.

All these letters are in the 21-ZONE-0095 Interested Party Comments document.

Please email the case manager today and let the Planning Commission know you are against this proposal.