Case Manager: Jay Luckett

Representative: Bardenwerper, Talbott, & Roberts, PLLC

Developer: Adams Group

Design Engineer: BTM Engineering

Owner: Chi Fien, Monica & Jessica Wang, and Ken & Sook Yu


Case Number: 22-ZONE-0170

Location: 15900 Shelbyville Rd


Proposal: Zone Change and Conditional Use Permit to convert residential R4 to self-storage buildings with a total of 705 storage units as well as add a 1,600 sf office. This is directly across the street from the recently proposed 160 apartments in the FF DRO. 

Design engineer has reworked the plans to limit their footprint and be considerate of the Floyds Fork DRO, increasing impervious surface by only 1.44 acres. They have also agreed to put the acres to the South of the storage units in a conservation easement. 

This development is being extremely considerate of the neighbors and the environmentally sensitive area surrounding them.