Broad Run Rd



Case Manager: Jay Luckett

Representative: Bardenwerper, Talbott, & Roberts, PLLC

Developer: Highgates Development

Design Engineer: Mindel Scott

Owner: Walton Investments

8000 Broad Run Rd Subdivision

Case Number: 22-MSUB-0001

Location: Broad Run Road

FF Watershed: Yes FF DRO: Partial

Approved: Add 433 units (243 houses / 190 apartments) to the Floyds Fork Watershed with a water retention of 5.58 AC-FT.

Primary Waterway Concerns

  1. High Density development within the Floyds Fork watershed, continued pressure on Floyds Fork

  2. Storm water runoff will not be contained within the planned retention basin and will damage the protected blue line stream "Big Run", a tributary of Floyds Fork